who I am and what I do

A long, long time ago, my analytical mind and curiosity lead me to a career in science. Years later I felt like something was missing in my life and only now, after I’ve transitioned into the web and graphic design, am I fully fulfilled and challenged creatively.

Simply put – I love what I do. I’m qualified in design and web technology. I’ve spent several years in the trenches in design and web development agencies like Folk, Funke, Squiz and 4mation to name a few. Passionate about computer graphics and digital project delivery, I now run Arcus Designs, a freelance design studio.


I try to make a difference in everything I do. In my work life, I focus on helping sustainable and ethical businesses grow and make as much positive impact in the world as possible. Having a background in science, I actively seek to collaborate with organisations within environmental, science & technology and medical industries. I’m also passionate about gender equity and child education.


‘What’s it like to work with Arcus Designs?’ you may ask – I think you’ll find that working with me will be quite structured but also easy and fun. I put strong emphasis on the process and clear communication so that we can achieve our goals in the most efficient way possible. Most clients appreciate my strong project management aptitude, pragmatic approach and positive outlook.


Please drop me a line if you think I can help you with your next project related to anything web, digital graphics or print and marketing collateral.

Me and my son Kai
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